After many years of experience in the field of EMC compliance and product testing, Adi and Trung realize the opportunity to establish ATL laboratories. Having recognized the need for a product testing lab that offers one-stop compliance services Adi and Trung created ATL based on the principle of accuracy, efficient and outstanding customer service. ATL is constantly expanding it’s range of testing and improving testing protocols. With many clients across a variety of fields and disciplines, ATL is experience in adopting testing and service according to the needs of each client. ATL has the ability to carry out over 20 Type of EMC test according to the latest standards, particularly for high test levels. In particularity emission measurement are done with a frequency spectrum analyzer up to 16 GHz. ATL also does simulation of network interfaces and conducted susceptibility test up to 250MHz, Radiated susceptibility of magnetic and electric fields are done up to 3 GHz.

To meet the demands of a growing consumer product safety market ATL offers accurate, effective and timely testing in conjunction with exceptional customer service. ATL’s team of experience technicians are familiar with hardware design, filtering applications, signal analysis, standards interpretation and data acquisition. From initial client planning to final report delivery, ATL’s technicians will ensure your project’s success.

ATL is always working toward establishing long term relationships build on trust and mutual understanding. Our ultimate goal is to gaining lasting customer loyalty through technical proficiency, dedication to an accredited quality system and a high level of customer service. ATL operates on modern instruments and test facilities equipped with the latest in test instrumentation, software automation and information technology.